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4. September 2014

Sorry it’s been a while, it’s also a bit shorter than the last couple have been. 

[Chapter Fifty Two]

“Are you guys hiding?” asked Jaya, laughing at Khushi and Kavya.

“Uh….” Kavya looked to Khushi, “No?” said Khushi unconvincingly.

"We were just waiting for the fountain to fill back up again and thought we’d take a break" said Kavya, trying to cover.

“Yeah right, I walked by the fountain 15 minutes ago and it was full. You guys couldn’t have got me too?” asked Jaya as she took a seat next to them on the steps, which looked out on the expansive grounds.

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My Mistakes Were Made For You

13. August 2014

- Chapter Fifty One -


The next morning


Khushi pulled out another one of her drawers, frantically pulling out all her clothes.

“Where is it?” she snapped in frustration.

Pulling out another draw and rifling through clothes more of her clothes.

“It has to be here” she said, beginning to feel desperate.

Khushi moved to her bedside table, searching frantically through the drawers.

“I can’t have lost it, it has to be here” she struggles, tears beginning to form in her eyes.

Khushi had looked everywhere for her mother’s payal, but she couldn’t find it. She slumped onto the floor, leaning against her bed, where the sobs slowly took over.

“Come back please come back” Khushi started murmuring over and over, tears starting to stream down her face.

She felt something cold circle around her ankle, chiming sweetly as it settled on her foot. She felt the same cool feeling circle around her other foot, looking down she saw her mother’s payal sitting on her feet, two hand fixing the clasp on her anklet.  

“You came back” said Khushi excitedly, a wide smile on her face as she sat mesmerized with her mother’s payal.

“You shouldn’t have left like that. Why did you leave? Where did you go…?” questioned Khushi, as she bought her hands down to feel the payals revelling in how they felt.

His hand pulled away the hair in front of her face, wiping away any remaining tears before resting his hand on her face gently.

“Don’t you remember you were the one who told me to leave” he said with a smile.

Khushi looked up from her payal, There sat in front of her was Arnav smiling back at her.


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ftm7 replied to your post“MY MISTAKES WERE MADE FOR YOU”

superb zara.i so enjoyed khushi/s n arnav’s frnds also n khushi being all worry fr him was awesome.u go my girl:) thanks fr being wot u are n here
No thank you for reading! You go girl right back at you? (does that make sense?)

deatheatcrs replied to your post“MY MISTAKES WERE MADE FOR YOU”

that was /so/ painful ;_; loved the vin guy tho (can’t wait for 51)
For any emotional distress, I give you a fluffy unicorn!

ohmygrabovski replied to your post“MY MISTAKES WERE MADE FOR YOU”

ah omg she’s worried and he’s doing literally everything he can to not think or see her. that’s heartbreaking! great as always zara! (:
Awww thankyou! I’m glad you liked it. I love writing all the Arnav parts, is it weird that the tragic, heartbreaking stuff comes so easy to me? Can I ask what is a grabovski?
Modern Interpretations

Jane Birkin photographed by Norman Parkinson for Vogue, 1966


28. July 2014

This is a big chapter in terms of size, usually what 2 or 3 chapters would be in one. it might not seem important plot wise but I needed to get it out to set up for a change in direction. For anyone that gets through it WELL DONE haha. However much you get through, I hope you enjoy it!

-Chapter Fifty-

Khushi was pouring herself over CT scans, this most recent case that she got had taken all of her attention, which she was only too happy about.

“Well, well, well…if it isn’t the great Khushi Kumari Gupta” a voice boomed through the lab.

So deep in concentration Khushi didn’t even flinch to the call.

“Khushi!” the voice shouting with a little more purpose, but still no reaction from Khushi.

Searching for something to throw, a discarded pamphlet was scrunched into a ball and thrown at Khushi’s head.

The pamphlet hit Khushi right in the centre of your head, “Ah” Khushi let out in surprise, quickly turning around to see who this pamphlet assailant was.

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