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My Mistakes Were Made For You

9. July 2014

Ok, quick warning some of you might not like this episode just cause I know a lot of you are holding out for the reconciliation. Just be patient ok, and I promise things are going to get better.

-Chapter Fourty Nine-

A few days later

“Gupta” called out Farhad.

“Yeah” said Khushi, looking up from behind her computer screen.

“Go home” ordered Farhad.

For the next few days, Khushi spent a lot of her time at the hospital, burying herself into the heart patient referral from the other night.

“Oh I’m still…” Khushi began.

“Gupta I said go home” Farhad repeated.

“I can’t” Khushi reacted.

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My Mistakes Were Made For You

1. July 2014

[Chapter Fourty Eight - Rewrite]

A couple hours later

Everyone was sat at the dinner table, laughing at NK’s recent misadventures in Lucknow.

“How am I supposed to know the difference between a women’s dupatta and a men’s dupatta? I wore that thing all night” protested NK.

“NK it’s pretty obvious” replied Akash mid laugh.

“The sales assistant lied to me” said NK annoyed.

“Maybe she got sick of you trying it on with her” Akash replied laughingly.

Khushi laughed along, but her mind was focused on the significant absence at the table. After two and a half hours he still hadn’t shown. Khushi was beginning to worry.

“Khushi are you ok?” asked Payal, as the laughter carried on around them.

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ohmygrabovski said: I can't believe I didn't realize this sooner. "My mistakes were made for you" as in the song Alex Turner sang when he was with the Shadows Puppets. Omg something I should've guessed with how much you like the Arctic Monkeys. I LOVE them all aha

YES ! D, you got it!

That entire last shadow puppets side project was so amazing, love the whole bond soundtrack vibe it has going. 

AHHH but its just so cool to know someone got this extremely obscure reference…100 Amazing points to you

mitukuladi said: OMHYGOSH YOU'RE BACKKKK! I'm so happy! I've missed your FF so much! Around December or so, I really wanted to send you a note or something that would speed up the process, but I can understand. Writer's block is hard to deal with and notes like that were probably the last thing you need :P But you're back! I really like this chapter :) Although I do wish Khushi had something more to say, but I guess it makes sense from her perspective as well. AHH, you're back! I'm so happy!

Ahh I haven’t gone through my inbox in so long…I’m not sure when this was sent but thank you!

I kind of need those notes sometimes to sort of get my ass into gear and find a solution, cause the longer I leave it the worse it gets.

Thanks for sticking with it despite the long update droughts! 

Lots of Love

My Mistakes Were Made For You

23. April 2014

Sorry it’s taking so long. I decided just to post this, I’m not 100% happy with it so sorry for that too.

Hope you’re all well.

Chapter Fourty Seven

Three days later.

Khushi sat waiting in the waiting area of the counselling office, staring at the clock as the minute hand inched closer to 10 o’clock. Apart from the receptionist, who kept giving Khushi knowing looks convincing her that the receptionist had probably looked through her files, Khushi sat in the waiting area alone. There were 5 minutes left till their next session with Vikram, but Arnav was nowhere in sight. Which wouldn’t be of concern to Khushi, had it not been for his behaviour the last three days.

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Next Update…

23. March 2014

It’s happening soon…promise!


THE SISTERHOOD OF ROCK PT. II #HAIM 🎼 Full story on Photo @inezvinoodh Fashion @carlynecerfdedudzeele

THE SISTERHOOD OF ROCK #HAIM 🎼 Full story on Photo @inezvinoodh Fashion @carlynecerfdedudzeele